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  • Declaration of Founders

    Young Europe Association

    With reference to Article 6, Section I of the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms concerning protection of personal rights by protection of independent law.

    We, the young citizens of Europe, hereby found a Young Europe Association (hereinafter referred to as the “YEA”) in order to act jointly for:


    integration of the European youth to protect fundamental social values and universal for all the people;


    supporting the consideration and addressing of young people’s interests, creating space for debates on special subjects, with special emphasis on current problem solving;


    development of a possibility of objective education in the field of: rule of law, ecology, Interpersonal Relationships based on mutual respect and finance with economics based on balanced development.
    Young Europe Association


    We invite all young people from all European countries to build Europe for the future generations together.

    Julia Sokólska

    YEA President, CEO of the Department of the Rule of Law and Education

    Julia Żakowska

    YEA Vicepresident, CEO of the department of Interpersonal Relationships

    Paweł Smyczyński

    YEA Vicepresident, CEO of International Communication & English Master