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  • Every age group starting from children, through teenagers and adults, to elderly, has their problems. The reasons for these problems are slightly or much different for each group of people. Not only do the causes differ, but also the effects, methods and solutions to overcome these difficulties. Some people are resistant and persistent and can manage them in an easy and smooth way, almost unnoticeably. While others will find it difficult or even impossible to handle such issues on their own.
    The problems concern and have roots in a number of different aspects of life: education, environmental protection, economics, law, interpersonal relations, and many more.
    What is interesting, a lot of the issues mentioned by me are somehow faced by all age groups. For instance, interpersonal relations are important regardless of the age, namely: children have their mates from a sandbox or kindergarten, teenagers have friends, classmates and social media followers, while adults have work colleagues and friends (probably enemies as well).
    This shows how universal the problems of modern communities are. As I just said, some of them are easily-solved, others are not.
    It is important for everyone to know and learn how to overcome the difficulties when they appear, to solve and deal with their consequences and to be able to avoid them even before we can even think about them.
    And this is basically what the Young Europe Association is about. We want to solve problems of the European youth. We are teenagers as well. And this is why we know what we struggle with. No one understands our dilemmas better than ourselves and this is why our help and support will be priceless and very, very useful.
    Not only are we going to solve the problems, but also integrate young people from all over Europe. Being in touch with teenagers from the entire  continent will help develop their point of view on politics, history, economics, rule of law, environmental protection, just to name few of the areas of our interest.
    The exchange of opinions by the members of the Young Europe Association is definitely going to be very influential and significant. The third target of the Association is to educate the youth.

    Well-informed young people who are aware of their problems and important aspects of life at this stage of their development are crucial in order to spread that knowledge and be able to use it properly. Our goal is to build Europe of our dreams for the next generations and we will do everything to make it come true.

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